CP Awards

At DENTCO, it is important to distinguish those who provide the best service possible.

2014 SNOW & ICE CPs of the Year


CP_awards_Icon Absolute Landscaping

Absolute Landscaping is based out of Pedricktown,NJ.Mandy and Paul started Absolute Landscaping together in 2003.They became a Contractor Partner with DENTCO in 2007,managing only one snow site. They now have 11 snow and eight landscaping sites that they service for DENTCO.They service the Southern New Jersey area providing landscaping, lawn maintenance, pesticide/fertilizer treatments, hardscaping, lighting services and snow maintenance services to a mix of residential and commercial accounts. Paul is the owner, salesman,and supervisor, while his wife Mandy runs the office and business. Scott Hoeflich values the relationship with Paul and Mandy and is delighted to be able to give back by awarding Absolute Landscaping the Snow CP of the Year.Congratulations !

CP_awards_Icon Grant Keys Lawn Service

Grant Keys Lawn Service has 23 active snow sites with DENTCO and is QSC, Amy Calkin's, Snow CP of the Year: Grant makes the extra effort,and always has his paperwork in on time. Any time an issue arises in Indianapolis,Amy can always count on Grant Keys to step up and assist her.Grant and his guys do great work with no complaints and great attitudes,no matter how bad the weather is.He is amazing at communicating information,especially during the recent snow storms that have been pounding this area all winter.They have been in business since 1999and started out with one truck.They continue to grow each year, and currently have 10employees and seven trucks.Grant could not have done this without his team.During the biggest storm this winter,his crew worked over SO hours straight to keep DENTCO's sites clean and customers happy.DENTCO is the only property management company they trust and work for.Grant says,"Amy, Brandon and Kim,have been the kindest,honest,helpful QSCs in the business.Thanks and bring on some more snow sites for next year!"Congratulations!

CP_awards_Icon Lawn Patrol Service, Inc.

Lawn Patrol Service, Inc. is proud to be one of the few contractors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area keeping the streets, parking lots and sidewalks clear of ice and snow this winter season. They have the equipment to handle any job,and the manpower to get it done fast. QSC,Glenn Mattocks, recognizes Lawn Patrol as Snow CP ofthe Year. Their company was founded in 1998 and was incorporated in 2000 as a family-owned business. Since that time they have established the industry standard ofdependability, professiona lism,affordability and quality. They have become a leader in the Dallas and Fort Worth Texas area while working closely with residential customers,commercial property owners and government entities. Congratulations!

CP_awards_Icon Matrix Integrated Facility Management

Matrix Integrated Facility Management has been awarded the Snow CP ofthe Year. Jeremiah Zitz,QAM,would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Denny West,Regional Manager, for his accomplishments this winter in ensuring quality service to all ofour customers that he serves.Denny has been a part of the Matrix team since 1989and has been a Contract Partner with DENTCO since 2006.Denny and his team manage 12 site locationsfor DENTCO. Many of these sites are spread out over parts of Broome County in the Binghamton,NY area. Despite the challenges of servicing this number of sites and the distances covered to do so,Matrix consistently allows us to exceed our clients' expectations . Denny,with the assistance of his dedicated team,has managed to turn what could have been a season full ofconcern and uncertainty into one of dependability, resilience,and determination. Denny attributes his success to his management and staff.He cites their dedication and hard work as evidence of their achievements. Denny prides himself on being in tune with existing and predicted weather conditions,staying current on snow removal trends and advancements, and "sleeping with one eye open," as factors ofhis success. His advice to fellow snow removal professionals, "Don't trust the weather guy. Trust your staff and your instincts! "Mr.West and the Matrix team embody the quality-assured services DENTCO provides for its clients and is a true testament to our vision.

Thank you for your exceptional service to DENTCO and our clients.We are very grateful for the services you provide and proud to have you as a Contractor Partner! Keep up the good work. Congratulations!

CP_awards_Icon MJC Landscaping

MJC Landscaping located in McKeesport,PA, owned and operated by Don Connors,is Shelly Billings's choice for Snow CP ofthe Year.MJC Landscaping opened for business in 1996 servicing Pittsburg and the surrounding areas, and has been a CP with DENTCO since 2009.The company specializes in commercial landscaping and snow removal. Don has done a great job this season in providing prompt and professiona l service to DENTCO's customers.He has managed to keep up with the,sometimes grueling, paperwork that comes with snow season,and has not received a single inquiry deficiency in the last three snow removal seasons. Way to go Don and MJC Landscaping on being a great Contractor Partner. Congratulations

CP_awards_Icon Senske Lawn & Tree Care

Senske Lawn & Tree Care is Justin Lohman's Snow CP ofthe Year.This family-owned business is headquartered in Kennewick,WA,and was founded in 1947. They are a full service snow and lawn care company that can handle any service that DENTCO provides for its customers.Currently,they service 14snow sites and 16landscaping sites for DENTCO.Tony Fisher, General Manager ofGrounds Maintenance ,has been with Senske since 1992,and is an ASCA certified snow contractor.He manages all the Senske crews and his teams continue to demonstrate time and time again what it takes to be the perfect DENTCO CP. Thank you for your continued quality of service and submitting paperwork on time. Congratulations!

CP_awards_IconUltra Energy Services, LLC.

Ultra Energy Services, LLC is based in Beech Creek,PA,and is part of the Ultra Group ofcompanies based in Oakwood, VA. Josh Edmondson is pleased to acknowledge Ultra Energy Services, LLC as Snow CP of the Year. They specialize in natural gas pipeline and energy support throughout eastern seaboard and have expanded their operations into west Texas. Though their roots are in pipeline support,they noticed the need for commercial and residential customer markets. They now offer a wide range of services,to include snow removal, excavation, and other exterior property enhancements. ULTRA'S motto,"Bringing Energy to America," is supported by expert staff and great customer service. Congratulations!

CP_awards_IconRiteway Property Maintenance

Riteway Property Maintenance is based in our home state of Michigan. Kim Delo is delighted to award Snow CP of the Year to Bryan Crater of Riteway Property Maintenance. It's been a very unseasonal winter for the 2013-2014 season, and Delo is proud to recognize Crater for all the great work performed. Bryan Crater would like to thank his family for their support and his hard working crew for their dedication to perform quality work. Bryan says that their name explains it all, they're a West Michigan based company serving West Michigan and the greater Grand Rapids area. They specialize in sidewalk snow removal and commercial snow plowing. Doing it the right way; because there's only one way,the Riteway. They strive to give 110 percent, being efficient and on time with all their clients. Riteway looks forward to working with DENTCO in the future.Congratulations!

CP_awards_Icon KRK Landscaping & Snow Removal, Inc

KRK Landscaping & Snow Removal, Incbased in Oswego,IL,is QSC,Glenn Mattock's Snow CP ofthe Year.Mark Kennedy, owner,has over 20years of experience in the industry. They are a SO percent multi-family, 30 percent commercial and 20percent residential operation.Mark says that he has always tried to have a 60/40 split between seasonal snow contracts and per push. Over the years,it has balanced out well.This has been a challenging winter in the Chicago area.With near record snowfall and salt shortages, KRK tries to stay on top ofthings during the snow season by not getting over extended contractually in order to meet their commitments in a timely fashion.Congratulations!



CP_awards_IconSno-Mow Services

Sno-Mow Services is based out of Hampton,MN.Tim Brown,QSC, awarded Sno-Mow Services the Snow CP ofthe Year for their great service,communication and timely paperwork. They are family-owned and operated since 1987.The owner, Joshua Burton,took over the company from his father in 2006 and since then has expanded the services offered to cover all landscaping, irrigation,and snow removal. He hopes to pass on the company to his boys Josiah,5, and Garrett,3, someday. His vision is to provide a quality product,while offering a personal touch and relationship to every property owner, manager and tenant."It's not just a job to me,"Joshua says "To me it's about the relationship built on trust,and with that trust we will continue to expand each year.We hope to continue to grow our business with DENTCO."We at DENTCO look forward to the future with great contractors such as Sno-Mow Services providing quality service. Congratulations!

CP_awards_IconLarry Lambert & Excavating, Inc.

Larry Lambert & Excavating, Inc. based in Matheny,WV, was established in 2003 and has continued to grow over the years. Larry Lambert,owner, advises that he has a love for equipment and the outdoors since childhood .What better way to enjoy the outdoors than by providing seasonal services such as snow removal, excavating and landscaping.Whether the job is large or small,Larry takes pride in and enjoys what he does.Kim Delo,QSC,is happy to award Larry Lambert & Excavating, Inc.Snow CP of the Year: Congratulations!

CP_awards_IconAlbertville Lawn Service

Albertville Lawn Service located in our southern states is QSC, Scott Poynter's, Snow CP ofthe Year. Bob Duckett, owner,was previously a manager for 22 years at a company that manufactured fire hydrants based in Albertville,Alabama.He started his lawn service as a part-time business in 1996.In 2002,he made the decision to leave his managerial post and focus on his landscaping company full-time.Last year, Bob purchased a snow plow and though his friends ridiculed him, the plow came in handy this year after Alabama experienced one of the heaviest snow storms to hit the state. Bob's clients were delighted that he was able to keep their parking lot free of snow. Good job Bob!Congratulations!

CP_awards_IconMohlers Lawn Care, LLC.

Mohlers Lawn Care, LLC. is QSC,Marty Bennett,Snow CP ofthe Year. Mike began his relationship with DENTCO eight years ago by servicing one site.They currently have 19sites with DENTCO. Marty says,"Mike is a pleasure to work with.He is always willing do the extras that the customers expect. He would never quit before the job is completed regardless of how exhausted he is and believe me there have been some exhausting events this year.I look forward to many more seasons working with Mike and more growth for his company." Congratulations!