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Contractor Partner Awards

At DENTCO, we’re proud to honor the hard working Contractor Partners that go above and beyond. These outstanding and dependable teams have shown a true commitment to improving our industry and better serving our customers.
2016 Landscaping CPs of the Year


2016 Landscaping CPs of the Year

Landscaping Contractor Partner of the Year Total Outdoor Maintenance Services

Total Outdoor Maintenance Services LLC

Yorktown, VA

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Wendy Geil’s CP of the year is Total Outdoor Maintenance Services LLC from Yorktown, VA. Wendy chose them because they are always available to go above and beyond for DENTCO.  She knows that if she calls John, the job will get done and he will get it done quickly.  Their paperwork is always turned in on time and complete. They are very good about getting photos from the sites and calling in all issues they discover on the sites in a timely manner.

Total Outdoor Maintenance says “It is our mission to build long term relationships with our customers and clients by providing exceptional customer service with a professional style. Our journey began in July 2015 with one woman, one man, one purpose and a dream of being an exemplary company. It has been an amazing journey and it is hard to believe how fast we have grown in our short time in business. We are truly blessed and our grateful for the opportunity to work with. It has been an amazing journey and it is hard to believe how fast we have grown in our short time in business. We are truly blessed and our grateful for the opportunity to work with DENTCO as a Contract Partner.”  Thank you for your service to our customers and congratulations!

Landscaping Contractor Partner of the Year Uvalde, also winner of the best lawn

Uvalde Lawn & Landscape

Uvalde, TX

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Dave Shevlin’s pick for Landscaping CP of the year is Uvalde Lawn & Landscape located in Uvalde, TX. They are a family operation.  They are native to the farm country of Central MI however, they moved to Uvalde 12 years ago and started Uvalde Lawn & Landscape from scratch.

The company is run by Sheldon and his son full time with his wife and daughters filling in as needed. Customers consist of 50/50 commercial and residential. Sheldon is a licensed pesticide applicator and also has a Texas landscape irrigator’s license. Sheldon commented “We try to provide quality service with Golden Rule principles.” We agree, as noted by a picture brought to our attention of a property that he services through DENTCO that was named “Lawn of the Month” by the local gardening club of Uvalde.

Landscaping Contractor Partner of the Year Dons Lawn Landscaping

Don’s Lawn and Landscaping

Red Lion, PA

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Josh Edmondson chose Don’s Lawn and Landscaping from Red Lion, PA as his CP of the year. Don Fauth, owner, has been in business for 23 years and has always focused on the idea of exceeding customer expectations at every level. They have a strong crew of outstanding people who function together like a family unit.

Don says “The ability of everyone to work together as a team definitely has a positive effect on the quality of the work that we provide.”  What started as a one man business in 1993 has grown into a full service company that prides itself on offering the highest level of quality to their customers. As a business owner, Don’s priorities are focused on maintaining a top of the line company. When he has down time, he enjoys hunting, sports and spending time with his children.

Landscaping Contractor Partner of the Year RJS Lawn Service Inc.

RJS Lawn Service Inc.

Lancaster, NY

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Brian Pogore would like to congratulate RJS Lawn Service Inc. located in Lancaster, NY for being his Landscape CP of the year. Randy Spears is the founder of RJS Lawn Services Inc., specializing in customer relations, landscaping and snow plow services. Randy Spears has been servicing WNY for the past 12 years and started working with DENTCO in 2009 with 1 site.  He has grown with DENTCO over the years and is now up to 14 Landscaping Sites and 6 Snow Sites. Before devoting his work fulltime to RJS Lawn Services Inc., he served as a production leader at General Motors for 15 years.

During Randy’s time at GM he decided to start a part-time landscape business on the side. He always took an interest in the outdoors as a child working and planting trees on his uncle’s land in Marilla New York.  General Motors relocated to Mexico, jobs were lost but Randy was already ahead of the game. His client base was small in the beginning, but after the layoff he was able to dedicate his full attention and growth to the one thing he was passionate about. Randy attended Erie Community College for Landscape Design and Horticulture. He has been able to put his knowledge, experience and training into his growing company.

Randy‘s true satisfaction is seeing the look in a customer’s face when a project is complete. His integrity and energizing personality is a true testament to his success today. When not hard at work, Randy loves to spend time with his family; his wife April and their two daughters, Lyla and Sienna Spears.


Silver Oak Landscaping, Inc

Ontario, CA

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Amy Calkin’s CP of the year is Silver Oak Landscaping, Inc. located in Ontario, CA.  Silver Oak Landscaping, Inc. is a commercial landscape contractor who specializes in providing the highest quality of service for total landscaping and maintenance management with many years of combined experience and professionalism. They specialize in retail building and shopping centers.

They have done numerous installations for Costco, Home Depot, Ralph’s, Vons’s, Staples, Kohl’s and Wal-Mart just to name a few. Silver Oak Landscaping, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer providing Performance and Excellence in Landscaping and Grounds Management.

Their workforce is skilled, safety-conscious, and participates in on-going company-sponsored training programs. All of their employees are trained on various OSHA safety regulations as well as landscaping industry specific safety techniques and precautions to utilize while driving and working on client properties. Silver Oak Landscaping is committed to the safety of not just their employees,  but they also strive to ensure the highest degree of safety for their customers.

Landscaping Contractor Partner of the Year Southern Landscapes

Southern Landscapes

McAllen, TX

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Brandon Fiebiger’s Landscaping CP of the year is Southern Landscapes from McAllen, TX. Southern Landscapes earned this award for always being timely with their responses to issues, paperwork, and job performance.  This contractor has been in business since 1976 and with DENTCO for the past 4 years. They have also increased sites every year.  Contractor currently services 62 sites in the southern Texas area for DENTCO!

      • Performance – timely response to service and exceptional quality of service.  Has a very tough market in Southern Texas and services a 110 mile radius.
      • Communication- Responds very quickly with an answer and gets the job done when they say they will.
      • Paperwork – SVT’s, contracts, and insurance always turned in on a timely manner.
      • The only contact I usually have with this contractor is to give them more sites!
      • Attitude- very courteous and great full for the opportunity to have the business.


Elkhart, IN

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Lintons out of Elkhart IN is Josh Presley’s Land CP of the Year.  Owner Mark Linton and General Manager Kirk Linton have a great staff several of them have been with the company for 10 years.  Linton’s have been serving the community of Elkhart for 34 years and they have been with DENTCO since 2003.  Linton’s started in 1982 and has grown with quality and excellence over the years.  Today Linton’s maintains the feel of a small business by offering personal attention to their customer’s needs. In addition to their original landscape division, their company has matured to offer: Garden Centre, Floral and Gift Shoppe, Nursery and Landscape Maintenance. Linton’s has 10 landscaping sites with DENTCO that they service with excellence.

  • Their sites look great.
  • They are great communicators.
  • They are great with paperwork.
  • They are great with the customer .
  • And that makes them a great partner for us.

Thank you Lintons for partnering with us for so long.

Senske Lawn and Tree Care

Kennewick, WA

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Senske Lawn and Tree Care is Michael Brennan’s Landscape CP of the year. Senske is located in Kennewick, WA. They are a regional lawn, tree and pest control company. Tony Senske attributes their success to their customers and employees. Senske was founded on strong, ethical values back in 1947, and operates with those same values today. Senske has been a contractor partner with DENTCO since 2005 and currently has 35 locations to maintain through DENTCO.

Tony Fisher, General Manager Landscape Maintenance for Senske Services, has earned the status of Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP) from the Tree Care Industry Association. As a CTSP, Mr. Fisher coaches Senske employees in safe work practices with a focus on leadership, hazard identification, incident control and prevention along with adult education. Tony cites several other titles on his resume. He is Accredited Snow Contractor Association Certified, which keeps him and Senske up to date with best practices. Tony is also captain of his own ship, or more accurately, Captain and owner of Fisher’s Catch Outfitters with Merchant Mariner Credentials. In addition, Tony is studying to become an Arborist through the International Society of Arboriculture.

Fitzpatrick Handyman Service

Nicholasville, KY

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Fitzpatrick Handyman Service is Melissa Zemer’s Landscape CP of the Year. Located in Nicholasville, KY; they have been in business since 2010. Kevin Fitzpatrick says, “We work hard, so you can do this”.

Ticer Lawn & Landscaping Services

Wylie, TX

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Brandon Pinnow has chosen Ticer Lawn & Landscaping Services as his CP of the year.  As a contractor partner with DENTCO for over 10 years, Ticer Lawn & Landscaping Services has always been a reliable contractor who can be trusted to take care of each and every site as if it’s their own property.

The Ticer’s are a family owned business, out of Wylie, TX, who service the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. Starting with only a mower and a truck, Ticer’s has grown their business to a company with over 30 employees. From paperwork to weed eating, Ticer’s take pride in what they do and consistently exceed expectations.

Elite Land Services Inc.

Apollo Beach, FL

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Scott Poynter chose Elite Land Services Inc. from Apollo Beach, FL to be his CP of the year.  Elite Land Services started in 2006 with Brian Vowels. Brian’s goal was to provide clients with a superior service; having a previous work experience in sales and customer relations. Since their start, they have been able to continue their vision by growing their customer relationships with excellent employees. Elite currently service the West Central Florida areas of Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Manatee Counties.

Ott Landscaping

Morton, PA

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Ott Landscaping from Morton, PA is Frank Baur’s CP of the year.  Ott Landscaping is a family owned business led by the experience of Chip Shreckengost.  They have been a contract partner with DENTCO since 2005. Ott is a company built on quality service and strong lasting relationships with their clients. Chip has a team of experienced and hard working individuals that help to service 27 locations for DENTCO. Chip and Patti said “We look forward to continuing to work side by side with DENTCO for years to come!”

New Leaf Landscaping

Wallkill, NY

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New Leaf Landscaping from Wallkill, NY is Scott Hoeflich’s CP of the year. New Leaf Landscaping was started in 2007 and is excited to have started our 9th year of quality lawn services and snow removal this past spring.

Serving the Hudson Valley, New Leaf Landscaping is passionate about providing great lawn care services to our clients.   We take pride in the way each property looks when we drive away.

Tony Perri Landscaping Co, Inc.

Newton, MA

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Melissa Zemer, on behalf of Shan Youse has chosen Tony Perri Landscaping Co, Inc. as Land CP of the year. The company was started in 1985 by Tony & Vinnie Perri; they are prideful that they have remained a small family owned company that is focused on customer satisfaction.  Tony Perri Landscaping Company has been a Contractor Partner with DENTCO since 2007 and has remained a go-to company in Eastern Massachusetts.  The Company knows how to meet the needs and request of the Customer.

In 2011 they started upselling Leaf Mold as part of their ongoing organic green program.  The company is still growing and is always looking for new innovative ways to keep customers happy. They like being able to supply a variation of services, as they know no one customer is the same.  You can find them servicing all of Eastern Massachusetts offering: Landscape Maintenance, Landscape Design, Construction Services, Irrigation Installation, Irrigation Maintenance, Turf Install, Fertilization and Snow Removal.

Prairie State Landscaping, Inc

Hazel Crest, IL

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This year, Kevin McMillan has decided to choose Prairie State Landscaping, Inc, for his Land CP of the Year. Prairie State has been with DENTCO since 2004, and has been in business for over 30 years.

  • Their owner, Ted Diener had this to say “Our association with DENTCO has allowed us to survive and grow during hard economic times. We service the Chicago Metropolitan area, which is quite a challenge considering the size of the area. We specialize in the transformation from turf to specialty gardens, a growing need as the price of water increases and water usage is restricted. Our employees are motivated due to our incentive programs, and our customers are loyal due to our timely response, as they know we take their concerns seriously.
  • Prairie State is actively servicing 32 Landscaping Sites, 4 Sweeping Sites, and 14 Snow Removal Sites
  • Performance always exceeds expectations, in both timely response and exceptional quality
  • Ted and Kevin have a great relationship, and communicate very often and very effectively
  • Paperwork is always turned in on time, completely filled out, and insurance is up to date
  • Kevin spends literally no time chasing down information, dealing with inquiries, etc. He is often reaching out to Ted for help to cover another CP who has failed, sending him additional work through WO’s, or asking his opinion about competent CP’s in his area.
  • Ted always goes above the norm to make his sites look amazing. He and his crew take ownership for each location, and understand the thumbprint that it will leave from DENTCO.

Jeff’s Lawn Service and Snow Removal

Grove City, OH

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Jeff’s Lawn Service and Snow Removal is Marty Bennett’s CP of the year. They have been servicing commercial and residential properties all across the state of Ohio for 17 years. They have been partners with DENTCO since 2001 and currently service 11 DENTCO sites in and around Columbus. Jeff gives all of the credit for their success to his 8 employees.

Marty says that he can count on Jeff and his team to go the extra mile as demonstrated a few weeks back. DENTCO was notified by one of our customers that a store was having their grand opening the next day and the property needed all of the construction debris  cleaned up before the store opened the next morning, mission impossible for most, not Jeff and his team. They had a crew on site by the crack of dawn and the store was clean and ready for their opening. Thanks Jeff and company for all that you do for us.

2015 Snow CPs of the Year


2015 Snow CPs of the Year

CP Award 2015 Lawn Patrol

Lawn Patrol Services

Fort Worth, TX

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Lawn Patrol Services, Inc. Owned and Operated by Anthony Conley who services 19 snow removal and 63 landscaping sites for DENTCO in the TX Fort Worth market. Javier Arroyo enjoys working with Tony and his team who provide the following on a consistent basis:

  • Timely servicing as the CP serviced without any calls as he knew the spec for all customers.
  • Quality servicing no sites called back for second services in any snow event.
  • Paperwork is always on time.
  • Communication is awesome and has no issues when asking for quick responses.

Congratulations to Lawn Patrol Services, Inc Snow CP of the Year 2015.


MG Outdoor Services

Saginaw, MI

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MG Outdoor Services is Kim Delo, QSM, Snow CP of the year for Michigan. Andy has been in business since 1998. They now service over 350 properties. Keith joined the team in 2006 and has been his right hand man ever since. He became partner in 2012 and they plan to continue servicing their clients for years to come.

They also have company foremen, Gus Sanford who has been with them since 2006. Gus handles the construction and maintenance side while Andy and Keith run the crews and manage the quality of service. Andy says, “The three of us will be here for years to come and look forward to working with DENTCO now and in the future! Thank you very much for the honor of this award.”


Picture Perfect Lawn & Landscape

Georgetown, KY

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Melissa Zemer , QSM awards Picture Perfect Lawn & Landscape, LLC for Snow CP of the Year. The 2014-2015 Snow Season brought upon us a few surprises in the state of Kentucky. With two large events hitting the state bringing in over 5 feet of snow, DENTCO was lucky to have a Contractor Partner in Picture Perfect Lawn & Landscape, LLC.

Picture Perfect Lawn & Landscape is a locally owned and operated business based in Georgetown, KY. John Lewis the owner and Tim Tevis provide snow and landscape service to Georgetown, Scott County KY. Picture Perfect Lawn & Landscape provides high quality lawn care and snow removal services that provide a genuine benefit to their customers. Picture Perfect provides customer satisfaction through flexibility and reliability. They are an honest company that works by the idea that: We’re Not Satisfied, Until You’re Satisfied.


Lafler’s Landscaping and Lawncare LLC

Prattsburgh, NY

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Brian Pogore, QSM acknowledges Lafler’s Landscaping and Lawncare LLC as Snow CP of the Year. Lafler’s Landscaping and Lawncare LLC is a small family owned business that was started in 1995 when father (Terry) and daughter (Melissa) came up with the idea of mowing lawns for some extra money. By the third summer of mowing lawns our “business” started to become a real business. Lafler’s Landscaping and Lawncare became official with its own DBA.

Along with mowing and landscaping, Lafler’s started snowplowing in 1998. This also started with residential homes in the Prattsburgh area. Within a couple of years this too expanded to commercial properties. About six years ago Lafler’s were given the opportunity to work for DENTCO. Lafler’s are subcontracted by DENTCO to maintain the property of M&T Bank in Prattsburgh NY. Year-round service is provided from mowing and lawn maintenance to the plowing and salting in the winter. In 2012 Lafler’s Landscaping and Lawncare established a LLC. They continue to be a family owned and operated business and continue to strive to provide the best service to all of their customers.


Pro Landscape LLC

Castle Pines, CO

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Craig Benton , QSM, nominates Pro Landscape LLC as snow CP of the year. Owner, Bill McGee has 38 yrs of continuous service in the industry providing snow removal, lawn maintenance and landscape design for commercial properties. He says that his working relationship with Dentco servicing national contracts has taught him that how he performs at the local level no matter how large or small the site may be, has a huge impact on DENTCO.

How each of us services our DENTCO sites has an effect on other CP’s and business retention. If we do not provide timely, quality service and submit our paperwork on time for invoicing it reduces the opportunity of expanding the number of sites in other cities and states. Bill has done an excellent job this season and we look forward to working with him in the future. Congratulations!


Joe Rebout’s Complete Lawn Care and Snow Removal LLC

Janesville, WI

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Craig Benton, QSM, awards Joe Rebout’s Complete Lawn Care and Snow Removal LLC as Snow CP of the year. Joe Rebout is the owner of Joe Rebout’s Complete Lawn care and Snow Removal LLC, located in Janesville, Wisconsin. He started his business in 1998 at the age of 26 with one truck, a trailer, and a lawn mower. Today, his business has a fleet of trucks, skid loaders, tractors, and grounds equipment to perform a multitude of grounds and snow removal services. Joe was taught at an early age to be a good steward of the land and that value has carried on with him to this very day and is what he attributes to his continued success.

In addition to his lawn care and snow removal business Joe is a life-long farmer and operates over 700 acres of wheat, soybeans, and corn. He started to learn how to operate equipment at the tender age of 7. He and his wife Erika, who is an accountant, manage the business operations and are also raising 4 small children, which include 4-month old twin boys! Joe loves spending time with his family and watching the Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers basketball and football teams! It’s safe to say they keep plenty busy!!

Sno-Mow Services

Hampton, MN

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Max Largent, QSM, acknowledges Sno-Mow Services for CP of the year. Josh Burton has been a valuable asset to DENTCO with a very aggressive and proactive approach to handling work orders and being prepared before every snow event. Established in 1987 Josh has been in the Landscape industry for 28 years and a valuable CP for DENTCOo for 3 years. His great communication and timely response to any tasks that come up have made this snow season a very smooth one in his area. Josh services 9 snow contracts in the MN market and 24 landscaping sites for DENTCO. Congratulations!

Greenfoot Landscaping LLC

Middle, TN

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Green Foot Landscaping LLC is QSM – Kim Delos’ choice for Snow CP of the year. They are located in Middle Tennessee and have been in business for over 15 years. Founded by Randy Polster in 2000 they have grown from a one man show to managing properties all over Middle Tennessee today. They take price in working with home owners and management companies like DENTCO to make their surroundings a little better. Green Foot Landscaping LLC services 7 Snow removal contracts and 9 Landscaping contracts and does a fine job in servicing the customer. Kim looks forward to growing his relationship with Green Foot in the future. Congratulations!

Mohlers Lawn Care

Columbus, OH

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Mohlers Lawn Care LLC is being acknowledged as CP of the Year for their exceptional service by Marty Bennett, QSM for the Oh region. Mike started his business 17 years ago in central Ohio. He now has a staff of five employees for the winter and ten for the landscape season. This was Mike’s third winter with us and serviced 12 sites this season. One of Mike’s keys to success is he keeps his routes very tight so that no site is more than 15 to 30 minutes away. Marty can count on Mike’s text message at 4:30 AM advising of snow conditions and service updates for the east side of Columbus. Marty is looking forward to working with Mike in the future.

MJC Landscaping

Wilmerding, PA

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Shelly Billings, QSM awards Don Connors with MJC Landscaping as Snow CP of the year. Don started his company in 1999 in Wilmerding, PA as a residential lawn service company. In 2005, he transitioned full time into providing commercial lawn and snow removal services. MJC teamed up with DENTCO in 2009 and has been a great partner along the way.

Don and the MJC group pride themselves on detailed communication, exceeding customer expectations and timely submitting their paperwork. They are proactive in reporting weather conditions and ensuring their customers get the level of services they expect. MJC Landscaping continues to grow its portfolio with DENTCO and currently services 7 snow contracts and 5 Landscaping contracts.

Tru Cut Lawn & Landscaping LLC

Mont Alto, PA

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Josh Edmondson, QSM is please to announce Tru Cut lawn & Landscape LLC as Snow CP of the Year. They are a full service landscape company out of South Central PA and has been with DENTCO since 2009. Their proactive approach to snow removal is what sets them apart from the rest. Josh receives constant updates from Tru Cut before, during, and after a snow event which makes them a pleasure to work with. Congratulations!

Krueger Landscaping Inc.

Rolling Meadows, IL

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Megan Bryers Quality Service Coordinator (QSC), chose Krueger Landscaping Inc, located in Rolling Meadows, IL as snow CP of the year. The company was started in 1951 by William F. Krueger and is now owned by his son, Kent. They pride themselves on their reliability and dependability; knowing that their foreman Kenneth Vigna and Dennis Jaime play a crucial role in the success of their business.

Krueger has been there for DENTCO anytime we call with an emergency and are timely, efficient, and friendly. They do fabulous work. They currently service 12 sites for 6 different customers in the Outer Chicago area where traffic can be rough, yet were always able to service each customer to specification and ensure customer satisfaction. Congratulations!

Oasis Lawn Care and Landscaping

Siloam Springs, AR

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Megan Bryers Quality Service Coordinator (QSC) awards Oasis Lawn Care and Landscaping for Snow CP of the Year. They were established in Northwest Arkansas in 2009 and currently have the largest portfolio in Arkansas for DENTCO. Oasis is family owned and operated by Jorge Osejo and his daughter.

They always answer when Megan calls with a smile and great attitude. They meet all business requirements for our customers which includes superb quality of service and paperwork. Building long term- relationships with their customers and ensuring our customer DENTCO is provided with exceptional service contributes to their success. We wish Oasis Lawn Care and Landscaping a successful 2015.

Bridge Landscaping LLC

Kokomo, IM

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Bridge Landscaping LLC was chosen by Amy Calkins Quality Service Coordinator (QSC) as Snow CP of the Year. They are located in Kokomo, IN. Bridge started out with one truck and two employees in 2009. They were later able to expand as they were offered their first commercial property through DENTCO! Six years later they have a small fleet and maintain a large number of properties.

Amy agrees that Bridge Landscaping goes above and beyond with their customers, making sure they are satisfied and serviced within spec. This past snow season they have done whatever it takes to make sure their customers are satisfied. Bridge Landscaping LLC knows what it takes to ensure customer satisfaction and promote business retention through excellent service.

Rockhill Lawn Care

Anderson, IN

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Rockhill Lawn Care is a family owned and operated lawn care and landscaping business based in Anderson, IN. They have been nominated as Snow CP of the Year by Amy Calkins. Driven to provide professional services with a personal touch, Rockhill understands that they must treat every property as their own.

Rockhill Lawn Care met the challenge this year and transitioned in new business at a moment’s notice to ensure the customer needs were met. We appreciate their professional and timely response to phone calls at all hours without fail, submitting their paperwork while servicing 14 sites without deficiencies. Rockhill Lawn Care goes above and beyond to provide quality service to our customers and we look forward to working with them in the future. Congratulations!

PSI Landscapes and More

Johnston, RI

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Scott Hoeflich- East Coast QSM, is proud to award Marc Cotoia and his family the Snow CP of the Year title for 2015. PSI was established in 2001 and started out as a part time power washing company and has grown over the years offering additional services to their commercial and residential clients. Services include snow plowing, lawn maintenance, tree maintenance, power washing , etc.

PSI has worked with DENTCO since 2013 providing these services to 9 snow sites, 3 land and 3 sweeping sites and doing a great job. As Marc says “Winter , we love it!” He has trucks out on the road taking care of business and most are operated by family or employees that are considered family. We are happy to have PSI as part of our DENTCO family and provide exceptional service resulting in customer retention. Awesome job Marc and family, thank you all.

Lou’s Landscaping & Design, Inc.

Wayne, NJ

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Megan Bryers, Quality Service Coordinator (QSC), has awarded Lou’s Landscaping & Design, Inc for Snow CP of the year. They are located in Wayne, NJ and were established in 1999 by Lou Avolio. They currently service 9 properties for DENTCO that require constant attention due to the nature of their specifications. Lou always answers the phone when Megan calls and never questions a request. He understands expectations and needs for the customer. Service is always timely and performed to a high standard. Thank you for your hard work this season!

2014 Landscaping CPs of the Year


2014 Landscaping CPs of the Year

Doug Schafer Lawn & Snow

Lansing, MI

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Doug Schafer Lawn & Snow from Lansing, Michigan, is named Landscape CP of the Year 2014 by Kim Delo (QSC). Doug has been in the green industry for 20 plus years, nine of which he has been self-employed. He says that he enjoys working with DENTCO and feels we share the same values in regards to maintaining customer service as a top priority. We would like to thank Doug for his tremendous work and look forward to a long future with his company. Congratulations!

Landscape PA

Harrisburg, PA

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Landscape PA LLC is Josh Edmondson’s Landscape CP of the Year. Landscape PA has been a recognized and growing leader in landscape maintenance and design in the Greater Harrisburg area since 2003, and a DENTCO CP since the spring of 2008. They are always willing to help out on a project, as well as consistently providing service, over and above the contract level. Congratulations!

Seasonal Property Management Corp

Minneapolis, MN

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Seasonal Property Management Corp. located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is Tim Brown’s CP of the Year because they are good on paperwork, great with resolving customer issues and rarely have inquiries. The company, owned and operated by Dean Clossey and Dema Wakulenko, has been a Contractor Partner with DENTCO since late 2009. SPM Corp. started by servicing a few Starbucks and has since grown their portfolio with DENTCO to 13 locations in and around the Twin Cities area.

SPM Corp. never uses sub-contractors to complete their services and believes that this is paramount to their success in the service industry. As the account executive, Dean credits the excellent communication between QSC Tim Brown and Operations Manager Dema for their ability to provide superior service to their DENTCO accounts. Their office manager, Mandy Johnson is also vital in keeping all of the contracts, SVTs and WOs organized and complete. “Without Mandy being in constant contact with QSC Tim Brown regarding all paperwork issues, we would be lost” says Dean. Congratulations SPM Corp!

Silver Oak Landscaping, Inc.

Ontario, CAN

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Silver Oak Landscaping, Inc. of Ontario, Canada, has been a Contractor Partner with DENTCO since the fall of 2006 and has continued to grow their portfolio with superb customer service and commitment to excellence. Silver Oak Landscaping and its crews have a “whatever it takes” attitude and consistently go above and beyond for our customers. QSC Shelly Billings knows that when the tough stuff needs to be done, Silver Oak is the company for the job. They have developed a system allowing them to consistently submit all contracted paperwork on time for their 36 landscaping sites, resulting in payment on time. They are the complete package!

S & S Sweeping Service

Paris, TN

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S & S Sweeping Service is family owned and operated out of Paris in rural West Tennessee. The company was started by Robert Stubblefield as a “Parking Lot Sweeping Service,” with a commitment to “Quality and Dependability.” S & S Sweeping currently services seven landscaping sites and one sweeping for DENTCO. Kim Delo is proud to announce S & S for Landscape CP of the Year 2014 and recognize them for their hard work. Kim looks forward to a long relationship with their company. Great job this year!

Oasis Lawn Care

Siloam Springs, AR

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Oasis Lawn Care from Siloam Springs, Arkansas, has been selected by Megan Bryers (QSC) as Landscape CP of the Year 2014. Jorge and his crew have done an outstanding job this season on their 10 landscaping sites with DENTCO. Their response time to site issues and work orders was almost immediate. They worked together to meet ETA’s, turn in all signed SVT’s, invoices, and contracts on time.

Most of all, Jorge was able to help out on a large project with only a half-day notice. His determination and amazing family/crew members made it all possible. Our customer thanked us highly, and in return we thank Oasis Lawn Care for all of their hard work by naming them CP of the Year. Congratulations!

Nick’s Landscaping

Westchester, NY

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Doug Schafer Lawn & Snow from Lansing, Michigan, is named Landscape CP of the Year 2014 by Kim Delo (QSC). Doug has been in the green industry for 20 plus years, nine of which he has been self-employed. He says that he enjoys working with DENTCO and feels we share the same values in regards to maintaining customer service as a top priority. We would like to thank Doug for his tremendous work and look forward to a long future with his company. Congratulations!

Fingerlakes Landscape & Design LLC

Skaneatles, NY

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Fingerlakes Landscape & Design LLC is Jeremiah Zitz ‘s Landscape CP of the Year. Fred Squires and his team have shown a dedication to our customers and have provided exceptional service on each of their sites. In addition to their exemplary landscaping service they are also diligent about turning in their paperwork in a timely fashion. “FingerLakes Landscape & Design continues to be a valuable asset to DENTCO and our customers and I look forward to a continued positive working relationship.” Great job this year!

MIR Enterprises

Cypress, TX

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MIR Enterprises of Cypress, Texas, is Craig Benton’s Landscape CP of the Year. They currently service 23 sites for DENTCO in the Houston, Texas area. “One call does it all” is the motto at M.I.R. Enterprises. MIR is an acronym for “maintaining it right.” They are a family owned full service building maintenance company. Craig looks forward to a continued relationship with Manager Jeremy Gilchrist. Congratulations!

Liberty Lawn Care, LLC

Corpus Christi, TX

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Liberty Lawn Care, LLC out of Corpus Christi, Texas, is a full service Lawn & Landscape company. They are family owned and have been in business for seven years managing 71 of DENTCO’s landscaping sites. Liberty has a well-staffed team that is dedicated to providing our customers with quality service. Craig Benton is pleased to work with Toby and his crew to meet all our customer needs. Congratulations!

Services by Enrique Cruz

Detona, FL

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Services by Enrique Cruz is recognized by Scott as Landscape CP of the Year because he has done an excellent job of maintaining his sites, completing work orders in a timely fashion and staying on top of his paperwork. Enrique services sites in the Orlando and Miami markets and the east coast of Florida. Enrique is married with 4 children and lives in Deltona, Florida.

Enrique has been in the landscaping business most of his life. He grew up on a five-acre farm and got his first taste in landscaping when he helped maintain the landscaping at a local church when he was just 8 years old. He started his own landscaping company 14 years ago cutting grass for residential clients. Three years later he signed on with DENTCO. Enrique and Scott got to know each other eight years ago in 2006 and immediately hit it off. He has always been someone that Scott can count on to get a job done. Great Job!

Southern Landscapes

McAllen, TX

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Southern Landscapes is recognized by Melissa Zemer as her Landscape CP of the Year. Southern Landscapes not only meets DENTCO’s requests and needs, they also meet that of the customer, which is the most important aspect of the relationship. They are a superior company with a superior staff. Southern Landscapes, a division of Valley Garden Center, has been providing professional landscape services for over 32 years.

Southern holds a large portfolio of maintenance contracts with DENTCO in southern Texas. Their timely service, quality of work and professionalism are commendable in all areas. Southern Landscapes operates as a team, which allows the quality of service to shine through. Melissa says, “My job is made easier by working with them. But the most important thing is that the customer – both on site and at the corporate-level are always happy with the service that they are receiving.” Congratulations!

Turfmaster Lawn Maintenance Inc.

Indianapolis, IN

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Turfmaster Lawn Maintenance Inc. from Indianapolis, Indiana, is Amy Calkins’ (QSC) choice for Landscape CP of the Year for her IN territory. David Clifford and his team have not only maintained their sites to specification and submitted their paperwork in a timely manner, but have also helped out tremendously this summer with last minute requests. Turfmaster Lawn Maintenance Inc. services 11 sites for DENTCO and will continue to grow with us as we grow; they know what it takes to manage their business and meet customer needs. Congratulations!

Element Maintenance and Landscape

Queen Creek, AZ

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Element Maintenance and Landscape is being acknowledged by Amy Calkins (QSC) as Landscape CP of the Year 2014. Element Maintenance and Landscape Inc. of Queen Creek, Arizona, was started by Jared and Heather Gray over 14 years ago. Jared has been amazing with timely estimates, as well as sending pictures and pricing for proactive work orders. He always goes above and beyond when it comes to servicing his 29 landscaping sites.

They have been working for DENTCO for over 4 years. Through the years, we have worked for many Management companies. “Amy Calkins and the DENTCO team are by far the best National Exterior management company we have ever worked for. They know exterior management, period! We hope to continue to work side by side with the DENTCO team for years to come.” Congratulations!

Ticer Lawn Care Services

Allen, TX

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Ticer Lawn Care Services located in Allen, Texas, is Javier Arroyo’s choice for his Landscape CP of the Year. Bill and Carole have gone above and beyond for DENTCO the past few months and have been awarded many more sites for the great work they have completed. They currently service 66 landscape contracts and 23 snow contracts in the state of Texas. Ticer has been in business for 23 years. Javier looks forward to many more years to come. Congratulations!