Dark Property Management

The occurrence of dark, idle commercial real estate is becoming a common problem for many companies. Although a location may be idle and not generating revenues, it is still a valuable investment that must be maintained and appropriately represent the company’s brand.

This is where DENTCO’s Dark Property Management Program shines!

As an Exterior Services Management (ESM) Company, we are curb appeal experts who understand the importance of preserving a harmonious existence with your residential and commercial neighbors, as well as the local municipality. Our comprehensive programs with reduced idle specifications are designed to meet local ordinances, uphold a sellable or leasable condition and prevent the property from declining in current value due to appearance.

Step into the light…DENTCO can reduce or eliminate the worry associated with your dark locations by serving as your “eyes and ears,” visiting your sites regularly and proactively reporting each site’s conditions.

Contact us today for additional information on our Dark Property Management Program.