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The Masters of Exterior Services Management

The first national Exterior Services Management (ESM) provider for 40+ years.

As the First National Exterior Services Management (ESM) Company in the United States, DENTCO has serviced multi-site customers for over 40 years. By implementing complete management programs for Snow & Ice, Landscaping, Parking Lots and Building Exteriors, we can ensure your locations are in compliance with your national footprint.

The DENTCO Difference


We have a dedicated team of professionals both in the field and at our national headquarters that remain in constant communication to provide unmatched responsiveness.


Our operations model follows unique and proprietary protocols that ensure accuracy and timely documentation from our contractor partners to our quality service teams.


We develop and maintain real-time custom applications providing access to crucial site information and reports that give management instant decision-making abilities.


  • We have been a Contractor Partner with DENTCO Exterior Services Management for about 10 years. DENTCO has always treated us with respect, encouraging us to perform at the highest level. The team is knowledgeable and friendly to both their customers and Contract Partners. In addition to their exceptional customer service, we have always been paid in a timely fashion. DENTCO is an exceptional company, with people who really care. We are proud to be a part of the team.

    Ted Diener President, Prairie-State Landscaping, Inc.
  • Lawn Patrol Service, Inc. has been a Contractor Partner with DENTCO for the last eight years. Prior to working with DENTCO, we worked alongside several other Exterior Services Management companies. DENTCO is by far the best in the business! We greatly admire and appreciate their outstanding customer service. We look forward to spending many more years with DENTCO.

    Anthony Conley Owner/President, Lawn Patrol Service, Inc.
  • I have endured many years of endless chaos with other national companies. With DENTCO, the experience is just the opposite; it's a nice change of pace. Their ESM team is highly responsive and professional when catering to our needs. We look forward to our continued relationship with DENTCO!

    Bill Walichiewicz Windham Outdoor Materials
  • DENTCO has the best system in superior exterior maintenance. From SVTs (Service Verification Tickets) to knowledgeable QSMs (Quality Service Managers), DENTCO is the best in the industry. Our QSM is available 24/7 and always ready to take on any task. DENTCO's systems make this company the best choice by far in Exterior Services Management!

    Chris Anderson Anderson Lawn & Landscape, LLC
  • DENTCO is one of the best national contractors I have ever worked with; they make the service side of the business a pleasure. The communication I receive from DENTCO is miles above any other national company. The work order process is simple and easy to use and keeps the right people informed of any updates so that everything is clearly defined and understood.

    Tony Fisher Senske
  • DENTCO is one of the best national groups out there. They are fair when determining vendor costs and never take back a percentage after the price is set. The paperwork is simple, and the staff is very accommodating. If there are service issues, they are worked out immediately. If any paperwork is missing, an email notification is sent right away. Most importantly, I have always been paid on time. Thank you DENTCO for a job well done!

    Mary Ann Hnatovic Elgin Sweeping Services, Inc.
  • We have worked for several national maintenance contractors throughout the years, but DENTCO and their staff outshines them all. With DENTCO, we know what is expected of us and have no doubt that we'll be paid on time. The paperwork is accurate, easy to follow and always timely. Day or night, their professional team is always available to take our calls and help us through any issues we may have. DENTCO has made our employees and company better. We are excited about the future opportunities to work with their team.

    TJ Heinert & Dave Ortleb Managing Partners, AmeriLawn

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