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Complete Landscaping Services & Management

  • Planting Bed Maintenance

  • Spring & Fall Clean-up

  • Tree Trimming

  • Turf Maintenance

  • Tree & Shrub Pruning

  • Additional Custom Services

  • Exterior Asset Inventories

  • Complete Lawn Care

  • Irrigation

  • Landscape Construction & Renovations

  • Mulch Installation

Whether your properties are in a more temperate climate and require year-round landscape maintenance or are in a northern region with a “green season,” our team will ensure your properties look fresh year–round.

DENTCO’s Landscaping Services & Management

Two of the most influential factors at the heart of cultivating curb appeal are landscaping and planting bed maintenance.

Regardless of the property type, landscaping serves numerous functions. Commercial, industrial, educational and residential properties can all benefit from the aesthetic appeal created by exterior design. Beyond aesthetics, your exteriors also have a very functional role in determining traffic flow and defining space. The specific vegetation used in landscaping can additionally hide unattractive assets, provide privacy, accent a view or property features, supply shade, retain or block heat and wind, limit erosion and provide a sound barrier.

Despite these functional uses, if landscaping is not well-designed, installed and maintained, it can also create a number of safety-related issues. Overgrown ornamentals and shrubbery can create hiding spaces, damage the building, harbor pest infestations and block visibility.

Keeping your green areas in crisp condition involves a variety of landscape management services, and a streamlined delivery process is essential for ensuring proper, timely execution. At DENTCO, we manage a coast to coast network of Contractor Partners who provide comprehensive services according to your maintenance specifications.

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