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DENTCO’s Annual Spirit Week Gives Back

DENTCO’s Annual Spirit Week

DEWITT, Mich. (Aug. 8, 2019)- Maintaining an ongoing tradition, the DENTCO® team recently celebrated their annual summer spirit week at the company’s headquarters. Activities and events focused on building camaraderie as well as nurturing the company’s sense of community.

The theme of DENTCO’s spirit week this year was “Oscar Week.” Resembling the elegance of the Academy Awards, the office was decorated with stars, a Hollywood backdrop as well as photographs of celebrities and classic movie references. The hallways of the office space were even lined with red carpet.

“With a team full of incredibly creative individuals, it is difficult not to look forward to this event year after year. Our energy and enthusiasm continues to grow as our company expands and we develop new relationships,” said DENTCO President Scott Milnes.

From delicious barbeques to collaborative team building exercises and attending a Lansing Ignite soccer game, the week was filled with engaging and memorable festivities for all to enjoy. The week concluded with the presentation of the “Denty Awards,” where different members of the DENTCO team were recognized for their unique and valuable contributions to the company’s culture and overall operation.

“Each team member is unique and presents their own strengths, which truly makes DENTCO special. Our team building activities focus on building lasting workplace relationships and enhanced communication, which ultimately has made DENTCO an incredibly enjoyable place to work,” said Sales Administrator Christine Shipps.

This year, DENTCO partnered with The House of Promise to raise awareness and donations. The House of Promise is a nonprofit organization founded to rescue victims of human sex trafficking and empower them to heal. Through education and support, The House of Promise aims to restore the lives of those who have suffered incomprehensible abuse and guide them on a journey to a brighter tomorrow.

Shari Montgomery, founder of The House of Promise, visited the DENTCO office to speak about her experience working with victims of sexual exploitation and providing refuge to help them cope with the trauma they have endured. Montgomery educated the DENTCO team about human trafficking’s prevalence within the United States, warning signs as well as additional measures to combat the horrors of such crimes.

“Giving back to the community is a quintessential aspect of our mission at DENTCO.  We are committed to bringing positive change and safety to our world and will continue to show compassion and support to organizations in need,” said National Sales Director Teresa Phelps.

As a company, the team raised $4,252 in donations for The House of Promise. In September, the DENTCO team will be volunteering at the House of Promise to paint, replace carpet, and perform grounds work.

To learn more information about DENTCO®, please visit or call 800-993-3689.


Headquartered in Dewitt, Michigan, DENTCO was the first to brand a fragmented industry, creating an Exterior Services Management (ESM) philosophy. With 42 years of industry experience, they provide services throughout the U.S. through their network of Contractor Partners. DENTCO provides landscape management, snow & ice management, dark property management, parking lot maintenance/management and exterior asset inventory to their clients. Over the years, DENTCO has seen substantial growth while maintaining a 99% customer retention rate. Their business model promotes the importance of People, Process, and Technology. In addition to helping clients recognize the significance of quality-assured services, DENTCO is guaranteed to deliver a difference that allow clients to consolidate, centralize and reduce costs.

About The House of Promise

The House of Promise is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides survivors of sex abuse and sex trafficking unconditional love, acceptance and a place to heal. The organization’s goal is to disrupt the destructive patterns of slavery through education and care for survivors. Through training, counseling, and helping young girls/women relearn basic skills, the House of Promise works to help survivors rebuild their lives and reintegrate into society.

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