DENTCO CFO celebrates 27 years - DENTCO

DENTCO CFO celebrates 27 years

DENTCO’s CFO, Brian Wooton, recently celebrated 27 years with the company! He has been part of DENTCO’s growth since 1993, when DENTCO had three office employees and one computer that he shared with the receptionist.

At the time, DENTCO was one of the largest snow removal companies in the Lansing/Jackson, Michigan area. “We had a huge, covered salt barn on the property that could hold up to 500 tons of salt that would be delivered 50 tons at a time,” he said.

DENTCO continued to grow rapidly in Michigan and then expanded when it began working with over 900 locations of a well-known retailer throughout the U.S. Because of the massive growth DENTCO experienced over the years, the company had to continually improve its operations by hiring additional great employees, investing in technology infrastructure, and tweaking processes to become the best ESM company in America.

On his most rewarding experience at DENTCO, Wooton says, “Being able to help a small-time local property maintenance/landscape company prosper into a large, successful, recognizable, respected, and the number one ESM company in the U.S.”

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