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Don’t Cut Brand Appeal During COVID, Curb It.

DENTCO Curb Appeal

First Impressions Matter Now More Than Ever.

As many of us try to adjust personally to a different way of doing business and communicating during this crisis, we have all made modifications to our exterior maintenance. From unshaven faces and botched haircuts to mismatched outfits and twotone hair color, we can all relate to adapting budgets and services in the retail and restaurant industries.

Curb appeal has always been important for brand equity in consumer eyes, but in a world where stores and restaurants had to adapt and switch to curbside pickup and are now expanding on curbside pickup and take out, the outer appearance of each location must be maintained and be inviting.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a consumer shift to hyper-awareness on cleanliness.  A store or standalone restaurant that has uncut grass, weedsovergrown bushes or trees, pothole ridden parking lots, and/or dirty concrete could be perceived as unclean, unsafe and therefore a danger to patronize.

So, with this being the “new normal,” what can you, a store or restaurant facility manager with multiple locations in multiple states, focus on to put your brand’s best foot forward during these changing times?

Here are a few suggestions to help you identify some current issues we are seeing nationwide in both industries:

  • Signage
    • Be sure your sign is not obstructed by overgrown tree limbs. For locations operating after dark, the sign should be well lit with no burnouts.
  • Potholes
    • Winter freezes and excessive rain can lead to unsightly potholes in the spring. Be sure these are fixed, and the parking lot is well surfaced as it is the customers first impression of the store when they drive up.
  • Sidewalks
    • Sidewalks should be free from debris and weeds. Especially for stores that shut down for a time and stopped maintenance services. It’s a good time to power wash dirt stains for a refreshed look.
  •  Landscaping
    • Spring is the perfect time to add fresh plants and mulch to the outside of stores. Fresh landscaping can enhance a customer’s opinion of a store, further encouraging patronization in the future.  
  • A clean exterior of the building
    • Customers want to feel like you’ve put effort to keep the exterior clean, and power washing is recommended on a regular basis, especially if you’ve experienced rain or snow recently. It prevents mold from building up as well as other stains on the exterior of the building.

Finally, you want your customers to know you are open for business when they drive or walk by. Maintaining curb appeal will showcase your store is open and ready for business.

Additionally, maintaining exterior services now will help reduce excessive costs of replacing your more expensive exterior assets. With over 44 years of experience with maintaining some of the world’s most respected brands, we are here to help, 24/7 with your exterior service needs.

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