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Expanding the DENTCO Family

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I’m Denise McCullen, and I have had the pleasure of working at DENTCO for the past three years. This is an amazing company to work for; not only do we feel like a big family here, but we strive to make our customers and contractor partners feel like a part of the DENTCO family. We take the time to listen to both our customers and contractor partners. Customer-focused support is DENTCO’s mission statement. I am very passionate about customer support, both personally and professionally. I take pride in building and retaining relationships with our customers and contractor partners which makes us a stronger team. I am grateful for your trust in DENTCO to maintain your exteriors.

As I talk with our current customers daily, I can hear the excitement in their voices and their appreciation when we help them with an issue. My commitment is to deliver superior service and customer-focused support to our great customers! I am looking forward to working with you in the future.

Have you heard? We are expanding! I am very excited not only for our expansion, but with our infrastructure. We have implemented the My DENTCO App and My DENTCO Verified, and our contractor partners are excited about our up to date technology. This technology helps customers as well, the electronic verification is signed on site while it timestamps when the services were completed. The customers like this since we receive the information as soon as the contractor clicks submit. The customer has this information sooner and reporting is more accurate.

If you are ever in DeWitt, Michigan, please stop by to say hello.

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