Letter from DENTCO President Scott Milnes about COVID-19 - DENTCO

Scott Milnes DentcoWe are all in this together.

With the presence of the COVID-19 virus, DENTCO’s main priority is to keep our team and all of our customers safe. Although the State of Michigan has announced a “Stay Home Stay Safe” order, we will continue delivering our current levels of service without interruption.

Keeping our team healthy
Our team members all have the capability to work remotely and we will modify work schedules as needed to maintain our current level of customer service.

Keeping our Contractor Partners healthy
We are also taking aggressive steps in our operations to keep our Contractor Partners (CPs) safe and healthy. We are asking all of our CPs to practice good social distancing skills with both customers and teams. Our CP’s have been instructed to not go inside or come in contact with anyone at our customer locations, and because our industry functions outside, it greatly reduces the chances to come in contact with other individuals. As a result of our CPs continuing to work, we are able to uphold our civic duty to keep our designated critical infrastructure running during this unprecedented time.

Keeping our customers healthy
To assist in the efforts to contain COVID-19, in-person check-ins with site personnel for services and inspections at customer locations will continue to be suspended until further notice, as well as obtaining a signature that we generally require to acknowledge service.

We will continue to perform inspections and use the geofencing feature of our system to verify that services have been performed at each location.

To echo our sentiment, we are all in this together, and we will come out of this stronger than before. I’m very proud of our team and how nimble we have become during this time of uncertainty.


Stay healthy,




Scott Milnes
President of DENTCO

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