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DENTCO featured in Retail & Restaurant Facility Business about preventing and managing slip-and-fall accidents

After companies secure snow and ice removal services, it is just as important to have a plan set in place if and when accidents occur. Jessica Schultz, DENTCO’s risk manager, was featured in Retail & Restaurant Facility Business November 2020 issue about how to be proactive by keeping your property maintained throughout the year, the importance of knowing your company’s responsibilities and liability policies, [...]

DENTCO featured in QSR Mag on How to Prep Your Restaurant for Winter

With customers frequently coming and going, it’s imperative for quick-service restaurants to prepare their properties for winter. For the safety of customers, employees, and deliveries entering and exiting, the property must be safe and serviced to limit liability during the winter months. 

The Importance of Landscaping

Whether your properties are in a mild climate and require year-round landscape maintenance or are in a northern region with a “green season,” our team will ensure they always have a fresh appearance.     Landscaping is one of the most important aspects of curb appeal. For all types of commercial buildings including retail, restaurants, convenience stores, financial institutions and even industrial buildings, a clean and well-kept landscape [...]

DENTCO featured in Retail & Restaurant Facility Business about when to secure snow removal services

Trent Limban, DENTCO’s Director of Quality Services, is featured in the July 2020 issue of Retail & Restaurant Facility Business about when to secure snow removal services and the pre-season steps to get ready.

Facilitator covers DENTCO’s tips for cost-effective snow removal and how to reduce liability

The August/September 2020 issue of RFMA’s Facilitator features a column by DENTCO’s Kara Simmons, Manager of Contracts & Proposals, on tips for snow removal including the most cost-effective program and minimizing liability.

Dentco’s Teresa Phelps Talks Snow with Chain Store Age

Savvy facility managers know that planning for winter weather starts months before the temperature drops. Chain Store Age spoke with Teresa Phelps, national sales director of Dentco, about what goes into a successful snow- and ice-removal strategy.

DENTCO’s Teresa Phelps featured in the latest issue of Retail & Restaurant Facility Business

As the COVID-19 situation continues, multi-site companies including retailers and restaurants, have temporarily or permanently closed. Maintaining the exteriors of these properties is key during this challenging time. DENTCO’s dark store service can help valuable company sites remain protected, visually appealing, and reduce potential theft and vandalism. Read more from Teresa Phelps, National Sales Director, […]

DENTCO’s Human Resources Director Retires

DENTCO President Scott Milnes announced today that the company’s Director of Human Resources, Sue Bosscher, will be retiring after being with the company for 12 years.

Don’t Cut Brand Appeal During COVID, Curb It.

During these past few weeks, the global COVID-19 pandemic has become the reason for thousands of multi-site facilities to temporarily close. This raises the challenge for facility managers to maintain stores while they are closed and preparing to reopen.  

DENTCO’s Kara Simmons, featured in the latest issue of Facilitator

When working with a landscaping contractor or a management company that oversees contractors on your behalf, it is important to know what should be included in your scope of work. Read more from Kara Simmons, Manager of Contracts & Proposals, in the latest issue of Facilitator. READ MORE>>

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