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The DENTCO Difference

DENTCO was the first to brand a fragmented industry, creating the Exterior Services Management (ESM) philosophy. Until this model was unveiled, many national businesses struggled with fragmentation and poor results due to decentralization.

Many competitors have attempted to duplicate the ESM platform, but DENTCO remains the only company who is 100% dedicated to the ESM philosophy and has the experience of performing every service that we now manage.

Applying over 40 years of exterior experience, DENTCO helps clients consolidate, centralize, reduce costs, and realize the importance of quality-assured services. DENTCO employees’ performance of hands-on ESM philosophies, supported by our robust EQM application, allows facility managers to oversee thousands of sites nationally via the Internet.

DENTCO delivers the difference. Guaranteed.

Exterior Services Management

Landscape Management
Snow and Ice Removal
Dark Store Management
Parking Lot Maintenance