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Dentco Lena SliverFirst impressions matter greatly, especially in the world of property management. Whether managing retail locations, restaurants, office parks, or dark stores, it’s important to have an Exterior Services Management company who can meet the specific needs of your properties.    

An Exterior Services Management company will deliver frequent and clear communication about your portfolio. They will communicate property needs and manage emergency issues such as fallen trees or irrigation leaks in a timely manner. One of the leading advantages of using an Exterior Services Management company is that your locations will receive consistent regular services. DENTCO provides consistent, quality, and trustworthy services, geofencing for proof of service along with on-site quality service inspections by a DENTCO employee to ensure performance standards are met. 

At DENTCO, we keep your properties looking their best throughout the seasons. For example, weed growth will be controlled both in the turf and in the planting beds. Invasive insects will be spotted and addressed before they can harm plant life. Trees will be pruned and planting beds mulched. Snow and ice will be addressed in a timely manner keeping it safe for your employees and customers.   

When you’re ready to upgrade the landscape, a professional landscape management company will take the guess work out of which plants will do well at your location and recommend native plants that are adapted to the local environmental conditions.    

We understand the importance of superior exterior maintenance strategies. Let the Masters of Exterior Services Management show you the DENTCO difference!

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