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Tips for CPs during Covid – 19 Outbreak

During this global pandemic, we want to ensure that our Contractor Partners are taking necessary precautions to slow down the spread of the virus. It is important that our CPs remain healthy while serving our customers. Here are some tips and guidelines to follow to get through the COVID-19 situation:


  • Using personal vehicles and paying mileage to employees.
    • Having crew’s meet at site but ride in separate vehicles to practice social distancing
  • No more than 2 on the truck
  • Use gloves while picking up litter and properly dispose of after each service
  • Have crew members wear masks or bandanas while servicing
  • Leave windows open on the truck from job to job
  • Disinfecting the truck after each service so customers can see

Sales and Marketing

  • Do not cut out marketing – keep selling!
  • Are there different revenue streams you can tap into/adapt your business model and services.
  • Zoom meetings with employees to keep up your culture and morale
  • Bring the family into the Zoom meetings
  • This could be a good opportunity to get good people in your organization, since a lot of people are being laid off or people that are not happy where they are right now
  • Plan for 90 days, or potentially 6 months of this same situation
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